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John Dies At The End (Soundtrack)

John Dies at the End (Soundtrack)

(Brian Tyler)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Limited Edition

Only 3000 CD's were made of this soundtrack.

According to back of this CD case this soundtrack to the movie John Dies At the End is a limited edition CD that has only 3000 copies made. Now that I know that little bit of information I feel honored that I was able to have the chance to listen to this soundtrack, that and now I’m wondering what number of the 3000 I got. Composer Brian Tyler is no stranger to doing movie soundtracks, some of which are quite the blockbuster movies, and though John Dies At the End might not have been a blockbuster or a widely known movie, the soundtrack could easily fit with one of those blockbusters. Consisting of 16 tracks, this soundtrack was not what I was expecting for music from a comedy-horror movie. With not having seen the movie though I know about it and figured the music would be loud, intense, with lots of rhythmic beats to get the attention of the viewer.

What Brian Tyler has composed for this soundtrack are songs that are more mellow and low key with almost a hypnotizing flow to the songs. They are composed well where I did enjoy listening to the songs but I would have liked a little more vibrancy put into the song beats. With it being from a horror movie I would like to hear songs that have simple beats that almost sound like your heart beat or at least make it skip a beat. The musicians play the instruments quite well where the talent of the players is clearly heard. However, as good as they can play the instruments with the songs being low key and mellow the songs almost blend into being background noise. This soundtrack is good for music; it could easily be played as if I were listening to a symphony instead of listening to a soundtrack. I didn't hear anything in the songs that gave away any emotion or idea of what might have been happening in the scene the song is meant for. With soundtracks I expect some semblance of a hint as to what is going on in the movie even when I haven't seen the movie. The song is supposed to match the feeling of the scene and I didn't get that from this soundtrack. I liked it, Brian Tyler has composed a good set of songs, the musicians have played the songs where they are good, but I didn't get the feeling that this was a soundtrack for a horror movie, even a comedy-horror.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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