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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Running Time: 
75 minutes
Special Features

Includes 4 animated episodes featuring the Flash, sneak peek at Justice League War, and more. Also includes DVD and Ultraviolet copies.

As a child, Berry Allen's world was shattered when he discovers his mom had been killed on her birthday. As an adult Berry become the hero known as the Flash, the fastest man alive, but when he uses his speed to go back in time to change one event, the world pays the price. Everything has changed, heroes are killing innocents, a war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman is on the verge of destroying the world, and Batman uses guns to put an end to any criminal. Now the Flash must team up with Batman in order to figure out a way to return to his own time line before the world comes to an end but with the Reverse Flash there, Berry just might die in a world he created by trying to do a good deed.

Alright, with this being an animated film the acting centers on the voice talents of Justin Chambers as the Flash, Kevin McKidd as Thomas Wayne, Michael B. Jordan as Cyborg, C. Thomas Howell as Reverse Flash, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern, Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne, and many other talents. I want to first say I always enjoy Nathan Fillion being Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. There are some people that have certain characters that become that character and for Nathan Fillion it's Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Though he's not along, Kevin Conroy is Batman and there is no other voice that should be doing this character. For me, a fan of these characters and actors being them, getting them again in this new animation was a true treat. All these actors are great with their voices in making these characters alive as well as sounding like what I think they would sound like.

Not original at all, especially for a movie that is from a comic series that has done many stories about time travel. The Flashpoint Paradox is just that, a movie about time travel and it's one that DC Comics has used before. Not that it matters, this movie is excellent. It does have some new things going on in it, well maybe not new, more different than anything else but it's a different that made me still be stunned even though I knew it was happening. It's an alternate world so anything goes and this simple fact is used to it's full extent as I watched heroes kill and a world that is being destroyed by those same heroes.

Here is a warning that should be told to any adult that might get this for their kids that are under 13, The Flashpoint Paradox is a very violent movie. There is all sorts of killing, deaths, stabbings, and some blood being shown. It's not gory, it's not graphic, but it's also more violent than most any other DC animation I've seen before. This is the tone of this movie, death and despair, which is used to show how one event can change so much with the world. If you are looking for a movie that is all happy and good, this is not that movie. If you are wanting to watch a movie that shows what would happen if heroes where no longer heroes, watch this.

I love this story for multiple reasons, one is that it is a new animated DC feature film, two it has the Justice League in it, three it has the Justice League in it being evil, four it features time travel, and five it is from another recent story that happened in the comics. There are no other comic based movies that can compete with DC animations. I read the comics that this movie is based from and I got to say it's one really fun movie to watch. It is a dark movie with a lot of death in it but it's still very entertaining to watch, it's well formatted, but the best feature are the characters. We get to see the Justice League as we know it with Superman being the boyscout, Batman the dark detective, but then when the alternate versions of them are used we see them doing acts that make them criminals.

Blu Ray is best when it's an animated film and it shows on this movie. It has some wonderful looking colors being used that make the picture quality vibrant. It looks really good, the picture is sharp, it's clear, the audio is clear, everything just looks good and sounds good. The art work is clean, it has sharp edges to it, making the detail stand out. This whole movie stands out with the level of picture quality it has but it is lacking one thing that the DC Blu Rays usually have, a ton of special features. The features that are included are awesome, a sneak peek at the next animated film, two featurettes about the Flash, and four episodes from other animated shows that have the Flash in them. I would have liked a feature explaining more about the Flashpoint Paradox and how this is leading to the New 52 that DC has going on in the comics. Though I do like having the combo pack of Blu Ray, DVD, and Ultraviolet copy of the movie.




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