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Keaton Simons: Beautiful Pain

Beautiful Pain

(Keaton Simons)
(Keaton Simons)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If you are looking for a song or a whole CD of songs that could be used as dance songs as well as songs to sing with that are a little bit country then I believe I have found the album for you. Beautiful Pain is the new album by Keaton Simons that’s country with a softer side. When I say softer side I don’t mean the songs are easy listening soft but instead are songs where Keaton Simons is showing his romantic side where the songs sing about love, romance, and happiness.

There are a few moments with a few songs that I found the tempo to be a little slow where I started to become distracted. There are not many of these moments and they don’t last that long but they are in there. It’s easy to tell what the meanings of the songs are going to be by the title of them, such as Heart Don’t Break Themselves, Thrill of It All, and the title track Beautiful Pain. Each song has some emotional lyrics to them but the true feeling of the songs come from the vocals of Keaton Simons.

It’s his vocals and the rhythm of his singing that makes the songs soft and romantic for country. Typically this style song is not one I would listen to a lot, it’s good for when I’m on a date and want to slow dance but when sitting at home just listening to some music it’s not my first pick. However, Keaton Simons songs might be a good slow dance country song but they have just enough vibrancy and energy to them to make them alright to listen to while sitting around. Beautiful Pain was the track I liked the most with it’s catchy lyrics, the upbeat feel to it, and the energy that it puts out. Most of the songs features catchy beats and very easy lyrics to learn allowing anyone that wants to sing along to do so. Keaton Simons has made a good slow dance CD that could also be a good country song on the radio. Beautiful Pain might not be my usual style of song I listen to but Keaton Simons has skill and potential to be a big name for country music.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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