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King of the Nerds: Season 2 (PREVIEW)

King of the Nerds

Regular Air Date: 
Thursday@ 10/9C
Air Date: 
Thursday, January 23, 2014
When I saw advertisement for King Of The Nerds back when the show was moving towards its debut, I admit that I had wanted to watch it. Alas, I never saw episode one. So when the premiere episode for season 2 found its way into my workload I was happy. 
For those, like me, who never dropped in on the show, here’s the skinny:
The show is hosted by (and produced by) the greatest nerds that ever lived, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong (both Revenge of the Nerds alumni). The premise of the show is that the two gather up the nerdiest contestants they can and pit them against one another as, first teams, and then individuals. Contests include brain games, LARPING, and other things that some would consider nerdy, but let’s face it, have become very popular these days. 
Alliances will be made, betrayals prevalent, and nerdness a given.
So in this first episode we get a brief epilogue to season one and are then introduced to our nerds, which range from rocket scientists to gaymers (no, that’s not spelled wrong). The first episode does well to avoid long introductions and tosses the audience into the thick of things. Basically Survivor meets Big Brother House, but with a lot of sci-fi jargon and fantasy games. 
I absolutely loved it this first episode. The nerdy contestants are so easily accessible because all of them are pretty much the underdogs, outcasts of society so to speak, but all of them have adorable nerd qualities that make them quirky and intriguing. I got a good laugh out of just about everyone on the show within the first ten minutes. 
When the show hits its pivotal win or lose scenario and the final game is revealed I just about killed myself laughing so hard. Obviously these are my people. I answered all questions with rapid response and made pretty much the same quizzical comments about the contestants when they didn’t know the answers just as their peers did. Plus, the design of the challenge instantly made me wish that I was a contestant on the show. I could totally last a few rounds before going down in a blaze of glory. It’s that awesome for sci-fi and fantasy fans. 
The show is a short little burst of pop culture silliness that grabs you with its goofiness and holds on to your interest until the finale. I loved it so much I grabbed the first season to see what I missed. It’s that fun. I highly suggest. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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