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Kodacrome: Aftermaths


Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A lot can be done with having only two people in a band, one such band proves this is their case with their new LP “Aftermaths”. Kodacrome, a Brooklyn based band that has only two members in it, Elissa and Ryan but their music is being played in a way that it does not sound like it's only two members playing. Playing a synth pop style music on their new LP, Kodacrome has a sound that is distinctive to themselves while also playing in a way that has a familiar sound to it. This is new music that has a old twist on some unique sounds.

Aftermaths is an album that I think I both liked and didn't like. What I didn't like is that there's just not enough energy in the songs. As far as I can tell this is supposed to be a dance style album where I'm used to songs of similar style being filled with fast beats, a build up of energy that makes you feel like something is going to explode until it goes into an even faster tempo, but the way Kodacrome plays is keeps a even level. It's good, it has that dance style sound to it, but the tempos just don't have that high paced energy that I was looking to hear in the songs.

That's the one and only thing that I didn't like about this new LP but on the flip side there are more than enough to them that I do like to make it a good album in my opinion. One such point is that the beats are fun, maybe not blast the roof off tempo, but they have the fun energy. Another good point to this band is their unique sounds being put in the songs. Some are typical, the ticking beats that techno style songs have, but there are sounds being played in the songs that just catch my attention. The vocals of Elissa are what I liked the most however. Her voice is smooth, silky, and sexy to listen to. She almost entrances me as she sings in her soft, low manner that though at times don't quite match the tempo of the quicker instruments, she still sounds good. Though I might not have liked that the songs don't have such high energy tempos as other techno dance songs, but I also liked that because of that I can sit down while writing or even reading and listen to this LP, which I will be doing because it is a good album.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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