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Kyle XY: The Complete Second Season

Kyle XY

On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The show is about a boy named, well, Kyle (Matt Dallas), who does not know much about himself, and he has no belly button. There is no shortage in twists and fresh ideas, and the first episode of the second season already ends with a surprise. Kyle’s creator Adam Bailin reveals a few secrets about Kyle, but there seem to be many more revelations that Kyle has to find out about himself.


Nearly every night there is a teen drama airing on ABC family. I am not an avid ABC family viewer. Nothing against the channel, but I just assumed that it is a place for teenage drama series. The issues that Kyle has to face are obviously aimed towards a teen audience, however, Kyle XY turns out to be more than an average teen soap opera.


In Season Two Kyle juggles the lives of a normal teen boy and a mysterious boy with superhuman abilities. Kyle is not the only provider of entertaining plots. Supporting characters are as interesting as Kyle. The most memorable character that is introduced in this season has to be Jessi XX. Confused and reserved Jessi starts warming up with the Tragers, and eventually with Kyle. You won’t easily find out who the ultimate villain of the show is. If you like a story involving Julian Ballantine and his Madacorp, the episode “To C.I.R., With Love” is essential. 


Kyle XY is an interesting multi-genre TV show with original plots and characters, and it draws the audience into even deeper curiosity each time Kyle discovers more of his past and his new skills. But the development is a bit slow-paced at times, and adolescent behavior problems are quite similar to many other family dramas. If you are one of those people who stick to one specific genre, this is a wrong pick; however, this series is worth picking up on DVD if you enjoy different crossovers (a bit of Sci-Fi, a bit of fantasy, a bit of melodrama, a bit of teen romance and coming-of-age themes).


This set (6-disc/23 episodes) comes with several informative extras:
Alternate ending for episode “Leap of Faith”, 27 deleted scenes, “Living with the X’s” (behind-the-scene featurette), audio commentaries featuring the cast, writers and producers, “Facing the Future” (interviews with Matt Dallas and producers), and “The Science of Kyle XY”.

Review by Pat Trabi