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Laura Reed: The Awakening

The Awakening

(Laura Reed)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A few years ago I reviewed another album by the artist Laura Reed and I was taken by her music. Shortly after doing the review of the album I actually got to see her live and the pleasure of meeting here and talking to her. I found out that her music live was just as good as it is in a studio and that her personality was just as cheerful and pleasant in person as she sounds in her songs. Now she has a new album out called, “The Awakening”, an album that where she reminds me that her style of soul and R&B music is one that is easily liked.
What makes her music so good that from the first time I heard her liked the songs and that with this new album the first time I heard it I was impressed? First it's Laura Reeds vocals. Her voice brings the soul into these soul and R&B songs that it's hard not to like the way she sounds. She has a very strong voice that is pleasant to listen to with the tempos and pitches that she sings to. She does have a sensual voice when she needs to and she has the ability to have her voice rhythmic so that I get caught up listening to her sing.
Not to be outdone by her vocals on this album, there's also the instrumentals that also are being played quite well. They have a catchy beat to them, some are simple, like the song, “Bombshelter”, where the structure is simple with a few beats being played and the vocals, but it's a song that has fun tempos, the percussion’s catch your attention, and the vocals just keep you listening. Following that smooth song is one that has a good fun beat and energy to it where it reminds me of a summer day where the day is just perfect. That's the way this album is, it's fun, it's personal, it connects, it has energy when it needs to, and my favorite aspect is that the songs change their sound and tempos. This a refreshing album, as it gives me a pep to my step and mood by listening to it and I once again have another album that I like by Laura Reed.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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