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Le Castle Vania: Feels Like Fire

Feels Like Fire

(Le Castle Vania)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Techno dance pop, electronic dance, and just good old fashion dance are three ways to describe the style of music that's being played on the new EP “Feels Like Fire” by the band Le Castle Vania. This electronic dance group was put together by DJ Dylan out of Atlanta, GA. What's been put on this EP are songs that are clear in their purpose of existence, to make people dance. Not that you would have to dance to the songs so maybe I should say that these songs have enough energy and vibrancy to them that they will encourage you to at least want to move around while listening to them, maybe even enough to get you to dance, or want to dance.

My first impression of this was the name of the band/group,  Le Castle Vania. It reminds of a video game, maybe it's supposed to, maybe it's just by chance that it does, either way, I was expecting the music to be a pop style set. Though there is a slight hint of some pop influence in the songs at times, they are for the majority of play, electronic dance. They have all the elements needed for a dance song, the high levels of energy, beats that fluctuate to keep you in motion, there's the fast tempos as well as slower ones, and the most important element, fun.

What I liked the most about this EP is that the songs don't keep the same beat going in each track. With a lot of these dance, electronic, techno, synth, whatever version, they will pick that one beat and stay with it in each song. That's boring but with Feels Like Fire, the beats change as well as the tempos, the moods of the songs, and the overall outcome of the songs are different. They all keep with the dance structure but by changing the tempo of the songs or like with some having the vocals of Marina Bell made each song different. One of the other ways that's this EP is different is that there are different styles of music being put into the dance tempo. Yes there is some pop to the songs, but there's also some punk being thrown in there for flavoring. Though I'm not usually big on the dance music, because usually one song is the same as the other 20 that's play,  Le Castle Vania has made their EP stand out among the other dance with some originality and style to their music.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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