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Life Leone: Comes Crashing In

Comes Crashing In

(Life Leone)
Release Date: 
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Life Leone’s press release had me expecting something far different. It pins Leone as a man of many parts, in a way. He was born in Louse, lived in Joshua Tree, and even received instruction on guitar by Kinks legend Nicky Hopkins. I expected world music I guess. What I got turned out to be good, but kind of standard in the genre Life Leone finds himself in. 
If I had to put Life Leone up in comparison with anything it would probably be The Bedrooms or The Strokes. The album has a fuzzy Jesus and Mary Chain vibe going on with Leone coming off, vocally, more British rock then anything. It’s all very pop hook oriented with Leone providing some great vocals, but in the world of Indie Rock sound I found it to be just a bit similar to a lot of other bands that have come and gone or are still on the scene. 
Was the album enjoyable. Sure. It’s a 17+ minute EP that packs an enjoyable six song stretch that wouldn’t stop you from listening. Distance though, I feel like halfway down the road I’ll have stopped listening to the EP simply for the fact that it feels expendable in an already saturated market of similar type bands. As always final judgment is yours. Be sure to check Life Leone out and see what you think. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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