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Liz & Dick

Liz & Dick

On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 28 Minutes

There was a time in Hollywood when scandals where kept a secret and out of the public eye. Everything was changed when two of the most famous actors ended up working on the same movie together. From that first day of shooting until many years later, Elizabeth Taylor (played by Lindsay Lohan) and Richard Burton (played by Grant Bowler) had their relationship posted all over the papers. Their romance was one of scandal, controversy, and though it had it's ups and downs, the couple lived a love story made for the movies.

I've seen a few movies that Lindsay Lohan has been in and I have yet to see one that she is actually good in. I don't get why she keeps getting rolls for movies considering her acting is the same style, flat, I'm just repeating my lines so leave me alone, that she does with all movies. In this one she plays as a very famous woman yet if this was how Elizabeth Taylor really acted then I don't know how she would have been famous. Grant Bowler gives a better performance with his role but not on that I was impressed with. Being that I don't know anything about this couple I assumed that I was supposed to believe that they had an intense relationship. However, I didn't see any real chemistry between Bowler and Lohan and if this is how their romance started I don't see how it lasted. These two actors where supposed to make me believe that their characters where so in love with each other that they would do anything to be together no matter the consequence of their actions. Instead, I got a movie where they just seemed like a high school couple that just got together cause it was fun, there's nothing between the actors that make me think it was wild and unstoppable.

Liz & Dick is a story that should have told me about this couple that made the headlines and changed the way the public views celebrities. Liz & Dick is a story that told me nothing about this couple other than they seem to have had an affair that led to them being together for many years. It all starts on the set of a movie where Richard Burton is a drunk that just stumbles through his day and Elizabeth Taylor is a diva that wants all the attention. There's a little hint of opposites attract with the couple but I didn't see anything in this movie that showed or explained why these two ruined their marriages they where already in to be with each other.

One thing that got on my nerves the most about this movie is that it tells nothing about the people it's about. If you don't know anything about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton then you still won't know anything about them after watching this movie. It feels like that this movie was made only for the people that already know something about these two celebrities and even then I don't think it gives any new information about them. I'm not sure if this was supposed to an honest short biography or if it was just a fluff piece made to seem like it's supposed to be something it's not. This movie was boring also because of how the so called heat between the characters never did happen. It's a slow paced movie that told what the plot was at the start but then didn't go any further with it after that. Also, having the cut in's of an older Tyalor and Burton talking as if what we were actually seeing was the memories as they told them was annoying and got in the way. These cut in's slowed the already slow pace of the movie and with each one I lost more interest in watching this. By the end of the movie I was left knowing only one thing, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton loved each other but that's like me saying the equation E=MC2, people know the equation but most still don't actually know what it is. Liz & Dick is that kind of movie, I know it's about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's relationship but I don't know anything beyond that.


This is a solid don't bother because of all of the above. It's boring, it's dull, the story is no story at all, and the acting is less than the no story. Lohan seems to just be putting in a performance because she wants this to be the movie that brings her career back but all it does is remind me why she shouldn't be doing these kinds of movies. Some of the wardrobe looked decent and some was really nice, but liking the wrapping was not enough to make this movie worth watching or even wanting to own.



Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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