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Magic City: The Complete Second Season

Magic City

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Did You Know?

Show creator Mitch Glazer, whose family worked the hotel trade in Florida when he was growing up, based the show on stories he'd witnessed or obtained through other staff or family during this period.

My introduction to Magic City came in the first season where I watched about half of the show. I’m a big Jeffrey Dean Morgan fan and thought this would be a good role to see him in, but his character ended up being a little too conflicting for my interests. Instead, Magic City ended up being, to me, a conglomeration of idea’s that had already bore fruit with several other shows, the only real stand out was the location. 
While Magic City, airing on Starz, tried to give audiences the elements that make premium cable television what it is today; lots of explicit sex scenes, brutality, language, high cost sets and wardrobes filled in well by stellar actors and actresses, it still felt like the shadow of several things. To name a few- Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, The Playboy Club, even the seldom spoken of Blackpool. Where the show tried to separate itself from the norm, its location and associations with issues revolving around Cuba and Fidel Castro, the overall package simply buckled under the weight and the show was cancelled after this second season. 
Additions to the series include Godfather alum James Caan, Twin Peaks alum Sherilyn Fenn, and Caprica’s Esai Morales with the main cast returning.
Magic City was no slouch when it came to production. Locations were grand and larger then life, the wardrobe and mannerisms of the times bleed through and immersed you into the time and place of the show. The BD picture quality found within is yet another fantastic took that elevates your ability to wander into the mayhem of Magic City and lose yourself in the surreal wonder of the show as a whole. Black levels are solid, which is usually my main gripe as some presentations aren’t leveled out leaving white noise to interfere with the picture. Clarity is sharp allowing you to see the lose fibers on clothing, individual strands of hair on unshaven faces, and with a winning combination of clarity and outstanding vibrancy in color the world of Magic City isn’t wasted in blur. Of course the release isn’t perfect, you have to take into  consideration the outside elements, especially in a beach community where water, sun, and tropic weather interferes with camera equipment, that you’re going to get some iffy looking shots. Still, if this is your last season, why not go out with a bang.
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