Maison Close

Maison Close

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

“Maison Close” is a TV Show that takes place in a French brothel during 1871. The luxury brothel is called “The Paradise” and caters to some of the most powerful figures in Paris. Each of the ladies have a story of their own that somehow leads them to the brothel. The show was filmed in 2010 and the 1st season includes all 8 episodes spread across 2 DVDs and has extras such as a book with notes, photos, and interviews. “Maison Close” is fully in French but with English subtitles for those that do not understand French.
This show seems very authentic with the costumes and the setting, but the pacing was too slow for my taste. “Maison Close” was also very graphic and unpredictable, but the “au natural” look took away a lot of the sexiness of the ladies. The music was also very fitting and added a lot to overall mood and feel of the show. However, I think the focus was spread out too much within all the characters and their stories and situations. There were also a lot of scenes and plots that could have been left out because they did not contribute much to the main storyline. “Maison Close” was an interesting idea, but could have been edited a lot more to shorten it and make it more focused. For those reasons, I am giving this show and its 1st season a “D.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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