Marple: Volume 5


On DVD: 
Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Agatha Christie's "Marple" series five stars Julia McKanzie and consists of three made-for-television length mysteries of the daytime variety:

"The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side:" Who has it out for Marina Gregg, famous Hollywood actress?
"The Secret of Chimneys: " Who killed the Austrian count and why?
"The Blue Geranium:" Is the wrong person accused of the murders?

Whatever will Miss Marple do? She'll solve these crimes is what she'll do. No, she's no police woman, but she has all the wits and smarts of Perry Mason and can make any suspect tell little ol' granny what she wants to hear. Miss Marple solves these mysteries with good old-fashioned deductive reasoning, kindness, and a good ear. Ok, maybe some tea, too.

Set in 1950s England, the set design and costuming is spot on and while the mysteries aren't the most difficult to solve, each director does a great job making you guess and guess again until the last scene in which the culprit is revealed! Is the person you suspected all along or someone who completely escaped you? I'm guessing it's the latter.

All three are fun-filled stories to keep boredom at bay, and if you're at all interested in Ms. Agatha Christie herself, there's even a 66 minute documentary on her super-secretive life. Overall, this is a nice box set that was previously seen on the PBS series, "Masterpiece Mystery!" Maybe that nice aunt of yours would like this for Christmas?



Review by Jennifer Isbell