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Masters of Sex: Season One

Masters of Sex

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Sundays @10PM ET
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In the late years of the 50's sex was something that was not talked about in public or by proper people and was only to be between a husband and wife. It was also a subject that people liked but as a practice might not know as much about it as they would like to. That is until Dr. William Masters (played by Michael Sheen) begins a study into human sexuality with the help of Virginia Johnson (played by Lizzie Caplan), his secretary/associate. While Dr. Masters and Virginia try to conduct their study on sex, they must also deal with budding feelings for each other without them getting in the way of everything else in in their lives. Though with the prude views of society in the 50's, Dr. Masters study runs the risk of being shut down by his boss Barton Scully (played by Beau Bridges) before he can get it fully going. With his wife Libby (played by Caitlin Fitzgerald) at home trying to get pregnant, a protege at work giving him trouble, and his own personal problems, Dr. Masters runs the risk of losing everything by doing this study or gaining everything.

Sex sells. That's a simple fact that's been known since the time that people started selling stuff, well, I don't know how long it's been said that it does but it's a saying that is the truth, sex does sell. Knowing that I would believe a show that not only has the word “sex” in the title but is also all about the study of sex would be a golden egg. Then again, could it be a show that's an entertaining, thought provoking show while showing and dealing with sex without becoming graphic or pornographic? Actually, Masters of Sex does just that, it's a show that deals with sex while making it an actual show, one that I want to watch and am entertained by beyond the sexual nature of it.

Now when I say sexual nature, this show has a lot of it, not as much as some shows or movies that I've seen but for a show on Showtime, it does give a good deal of sex. If you are someone that is uncomfortable with watching people talk about sex, getting naked, and performing sexual acts then this might not be the show for you to watch because there's a lot of it in there. However, this is not a show that is just visual gratification, it is a show about characters that are based on real events (though I'm sure some have been changed to be appealing) and about the way people where in those days. During a time when women treated like lower class citizens, sex was not a topic to talk about, and to have sex without being married was a big deal and yet here these two people where going against the norm. That's what this show is all about, the showing of two people who went against everything that was normal in a time that was closed minded and prudish. This is a show that's not afraid to go beyond what most shows would not tackle as a topic, which is exactly what the characters are doing on this show. Masters of Sex makes you like all the characters, like having you both like and feel bad for Libby while she deals with William not being as loving as she would like him to be and not being able to get pregnant or they make you like and get angry when Dr. Ethan Hass (played by Nicholas D'Agosto) is being a huge jerk. There's also a guest appearance by one of my favorite actors of Greg Grunberg in one episode as Gene, a guy who is easily liked and well feel bad for at the same time. That's what this show brings, characters that seem more real then most other shows have to offer because they are fleshed out with all their little details that make them be someone you can like but also having flaws that you won't like.

Masters of Sex is a well crafted show and it had to be because it could have went one direction with just being a bunch of nude people having sex or it could have just been boring clinical where nothing ever happened. Instead this is a show that has great characters, mainly due to the stellar performance given by Sheen and Caplan, as well as all the other actors. This is a character driven show that is all about how the main characters deal with the problems that society puts on them for doing something so risky as a sex study. This show is well written, though there are a few areas where the characters relationships and lives feel a little quick in happening but considering this is an hour long show they don't have the time to dwell on letting budding feelings, failed relationships, and other plot twists to slowly happen, that's boring. There are a lot of different stories taking place in this show other than the sex study, which is why this show works so well, it don't get boring. I was easily caught up in what the characters were going to do next with everything that they where going through. It's a captivating show and yes it is a sexy show with nudity but that's more of an added point rather than the supporting point for the show. What supports this show is the cast, the well written episodes, and sets that look like it's really set during the late 50's. So far Masters of Sex is the best of the premium cable shows that I've seen and one that would actually make me think about ordering Showtime just to watch it.

As a show that's set in the 50's I was really impressed at how well they have the colors and tones looking for this Blu Ray. I expected this to look like a modern day show where everything was bright, crisp, and looking like it was shot, well, today. Instead it does have a high def quality to the picture but the colors are warm, they are soft, they look like they should for an time period that's long past. This is a time period piece and it looks that way and that's because of how the colors reflect those warm soft tones. Though it does have the high def quality still, which means the details are clear and sharp and yes they are very detailed. Textures and skin tones are clear, there's little noise to be seen, and the audio quality is excellent. Which I got to tell you now, being what this show is about there are moments in there that you might not want to have your TV set on a high volume for the neighbors to hear and what this Blu Ray offers are levels that don't go quiet for dialog then blasting for those sensitive moments. What it does is stay at an even level through everything and is safe to listen to at a reasonable level. I have no complaints about this show at all, it's smart, it's witty, it's entertaining, while on a Blu Ray that's clear, has great detail, great colors, superb audio, and a lot of special features.

Lee Roberts
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