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Mickey Avalon: I Get Even EP

I Get Even

(Mickey Avalon)
Release Date: 
Monday, September 30, 2013
Mickey Avalon’s latest outing, an EP titled I Get Even, was a mystery spin for me. Not being acquainted with Avalon I simply took a peek at the cover art, a guy punching a mall cop or something, and quickly jumped to the assumption that the CD was going to be rambunctious punk music. If only. 
The EP features five tracks beginning with the title track, I Get Even. The beats reminded me a bit of Sole and Avalon’s narrative flow about as interesting as listening to high school kids carry on about their egos. Rodeo was just more of the same. The EP got interesting when Pretty Woman came on. 
Pretty Woman sounds like it samples a bit of The Eurhythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) partnered with the yesteryear style of Far East Movement or Cataracs. The tempo of the track keeps it interesting but Avalon still lingers in that medium of mainstream radio hip hop where image is everything and substance is not. 
By the end of the EP I had found some interesting bits but knew without a doubt this EP would stand the test of time for about a day or two. Avalon’s message is a pretty weak one that mostly involves taking all of the usual window dressing hip hop stereotypes; violence, drugs, sex, rebellious ideology, money, etc and tossing it into the mix of a few sampled beats. Avalon’s style isn’t really all that impressive, reminding me more of G. Love then anything. In short, pass. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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