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Monster High: 13 Wishes

Monster High: 13 Wishes

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Running Time: 
148 Minutes
When Howleen Wolf (see what they did there?) finds a magic lamp containing a genie named Gigi Grant, the new school year looks to be in the bag. Popularity and all that entails is on the tip of her tongue as she uses Gigi to make all of her adolescent dreams come true. Unfortunately, to borrow from a different (Once Upon A Time) show, magic comes with a price. 
Monster High: 13 Wishes is far from an original storyline, but it’s decently executed in the context of the world in which Monster High exists. Decent enough story, funny side stories, and some characters were highly enjoyable. Despite my dislike for the character designs this turned out to be a movie that even I thought was imaginative and fun, and I’m not even within the franchises demographic. 
Monster High: 13 Wishes should have been a grand slam. The format is CGI and the transfer is supposedly a 1080p transfer, but the character design is very flat. Hair is just one glossy sheen, facial features are designed to look like their doll counterparts, and the world of Monster High looks like it was designed from a cardboard cut out. There is no detail to shine through and no texture to wow you with in the grand scheme of high definition. Another issues that I had with the film is that it contained soft spots, even blurred spots. The farther away an object is that is still in use in the story the more out of focus it became. The only thing the film has going for it is line definition, and that’s only when things are up close and personal. It’s not a horrible display, I’ve seen worse, but you’d probably be just as happy grabbing this film off a digital purchase program like Amazon Prime. 
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AJ Garcia
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