Mother and Child(BLU-RAY)
Bottom Line:

Though the film is slowly paced and has less than stellar moments, Mother and Child is a satisfying character piece

 Mother and Child is a chronicling of intertwined lives that are dealing with, as the title states, their mother and or daughters. 


This movie has a very talented cast that include Annette Bening, Naomi Watts, Samuel L. Jackson, and a slew of other familiar faces. Each actor gives admirable performances, especially a refreshingly calm performance from Samuel L. Jackson. 


Now as for the characters, the movie first had me put off by the characters by only seeing them as unpleasant people, but somewhere around the second to third act, each character goes through a transformation due to events that took me by surprise. It was a rather satisfying experience and pulled me in right before I was going to give up on the movie. 


Atop of these traits the film also has a great script, keeping it from dipping into melodrama. The writing in the movie shined best in how believable the dialogue was between the characters. 


Between the writing, acting and satisfying arcs the characters make, this movie is an enjoyable character piece. While the film is slow in getting you invested in the characters, it pays off once you are. If you enjoy quite character driven films, this is certainly worth a look. 

Review by Alex Tracy