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Mrs. Skannotto: 2013 Sampler

2013 Sampler

(Mrs. Skannotto)

For years I’ve been a Ska fan, but to be honest, aside from listening to Florida’s Victim of Circumstance for a review in December of 2011, I have pretty much kept to the older stuff (Streetlight, The Specials, Toots, Skeletones, etc). I haven’t really been looking, but there hasn’t really a been a ska act out there in the last few years that have sparked an interest for me. To dive into the genre again to see what’s new.

Mrs. Skannotto is a third wave Ska outfit that’s been on the scene for the past 15  years. Their current album, All These Evolutions, is a 14 track offering that has moments of nostalgia that briefly remind me of The Black Seeds (Not Alone), The Skeletones (The Other Man), and Incubus (The Blame), but the bands stand out is vocalist Joe Harmon who really delivers a great vocal performance that fits in within the genre but also stands out as a voice that flirts with the boundaries of the genre. It’s not just the same old, same old with Harmon. I like that.

If you’re a fan of Ska you’re going to enjoy this album. Great guitar work, great bass, drums, an absolutely awesome horn section, and superb vocals. I highly, highly recommend checking out the band sampler on bandcamp. Enjoy.  

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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