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MX vs. ATV Alive

MX Vs. ATV Alive

Ship Date: 
Tuesday, May 10, 2011

THQ is conducting an interesting experiment with MX vs. ATV Alive. The company has released the bare bones, the core game essentially, to us at an affordable price with the expectation that we’ll complete our package with DLC.

The benefits: we get it earlier, pay less and can choose the content we actually want. Digital Studio Phoenix, the developer, also benefits because they can use our feedback to tailor their DLC program. So, if we ask for more tracks, they can focus on doing just that instead of designing hundreds of butt-patches no one wants.

If THQ price the DLC attractively, keep the quality high and keep us informed of its existence, this can turn out to be a winning formula. So, where’s the catch? Well, if they fail to convince us to part with our cash, we’ll be left with a game that’s noticeably barer than its predecessor, and if they are successful, we’ll likely end up spending considerably more in the end to get our finished product.

The lack of modes out of the box is a big concern. You’re limited to single race and free ride modes and their online equivalents. There’s certainly a lack of focus without a career mode or any tournaments; however, there is an XP levelling system that at least gives some sense of direction.

It’s similar to the one used in Gran Turismo. In the beginning, there are few cars and tracks available but you unlock more after you start winning races and gaining XP. It works for GT, which has a ton of tracks and cars within your reach at all times – even when Polyphony Digital are limiting the options – but it doesn’t work so well in Alive.

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There are only four races available at the beginning, two nationals and two short tracks, and you must reach level 10 before the next batch (four nationals and a short track) becomes available. To get here you must replay those four tracks repeatedly. It’s a grinding experience and the grind continues until the next unlock at level 25, where you get six more nationals and a final short course. There’s actually a decent number of tracks in Alive, but you’re left thinking otherwise because of the heavy restrictions of this systems.



Review by Seanoc