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Naked Vegas: "Paint the Town, Red" (PREVIEW)

Naked Vegas

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Tuesdays @ 10/9c
Reality Veteran

Nicholas "Nix" Herrara, one of Red's employees on Naked Vegas, was a contestant on season 2 of Face Off.

Beginning tomorrow night, SyFy is set to debut its latest series - Naked Vegas.  The six-part docuseries follows the titular company specializing in body painting as they perform jobs for a wide variety of clientele.  Owner Red Belmonte alongside employees Nix, Wiser, and Heather aim to wow viewers with their unique, dedicated take on stylish body art.

"Paint the Town, Red", the first episode of the series, mainly revolves around a young couple wanting to be married in zombie-themed body paint.  Appropriately enough, the couple originally met in a haunted house and plan to have their nuptials at the Goretorium located inside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  The couple originally planned on just having their faces and hands worked on, so it's up to the team to convince them to go all out and get painted head-to-toe.  Later, Red and the gang work on some models in preparation for the debut of a new lingerie fashion line.

SyFy is strategically placing Naked Vegas on its Tuesday night lineup following the highly popular Face Off reality show.  Obviously, the network is hoping for a ratings bump as a result of crossover appeal.  While interesting at times, the show never quite reaches the level of Face Off and leaves me worried about its potential longevity.  Owner Red Belmonte comes across as incredibly contrived on all aspects of the show whether it be interacting with customers or speaking directly to viewers.  Her level of phoniness will make it difficult for viewers to immerse themselves in the show.  That being said, readers interested in seeing artistic work outside the confines of a reality competition should give Naked Vegas a fair chance.  Recommended for fans of fashion reality programs.

Be sure to catch the premiere of Naked Vegas this Tuesday night @ 10/9c on SyFy!

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