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No Job For A Lady: The Complete Collection

No Job For A Lady

The Complete Collection 1-3
On DVD: 
Saturday, March 16, 2013

No Job For A Lady is a satirical political comedy series that follows Jean Price, a newly appointed MP for the Left-Wing Labor Party in Britain. As we follow Jean we get an inside look at the comings and goings of the British Parliament as they show Jean how much of a men’s club the house is by acting condescending and going about their business as usual.

Unfortunately for her peers Jean Price is no push over. Up against their efforts to stonewall her she strikes back with patience and hard work. Well, if that doesn’t work out, look out, she’s a firecracker.

Along with her secretary, an experienced younger guy whose seen a lot and understands the unseen things Jean has yet to experience, and an unexpected ally in Tory snob Sir Godfrey, Jean plans to shake the Parliament by it’s foundation. She wants better living conditions for the working poor, more opportunities in the workplace for women, and to get the rest of her colleagues to stop dragging their feet and do what the people pay them to do.

While Jean’s experiences at work make for plenty of opportunity to laugh it up I also liked the at home theme that was going on. Jean’s husband Geoff is pretty much a stay at home husband who misses his wife and proclaims MP must stand for “Missing Person”. Though the show isn’t making a huge attempt to make a play on switching gender roles, its subtly on the subject is approached with humor while still making a point about women at work, the traditional views on what a husband/man is, and just shrugging and marching on with your efforts regardless of what anybody else thinks.

The show does look aged, at some point you even see a little sign in the upper corner of the picture that I noticed in other older British releases. It’s not entirely distracting but seems a shame the release was simply put out without much polish. Still, well worth checking out. I loved it and I think those with a distain for politics and a love for good humor will too. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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