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One Piece: Season Five, Voyage Three

One Piece

Season Five Voyage Three
On DVD: 
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
CP9 is still holding Robin captive as they make their way to The Gates of Justice and the Straw Hat Crew is steadily making their way to her. The only problem is they keep running into CP9 members that have obtained the powers of the devil fruit and each of them holds a key that will release Robin from their clutches. 
In the last episode of Voyage Two Nami was entangled in the wicked hair of one of the CP9 members and was just about to face her doom. Meanwhile Zoro and Usopp aka King of Snipers have been handcuffed together and trapped by not one, but two CP9 villains, both in their devil fruit transformation forms. Elsewhere Sanji is trying his best to be a gentleman while facing down a deadly female assassin. Chopper is looking for the key to uncuff Zoro and Usopp and Franky, whose joined the Straw Hats is busy battling an interesting foe who has incredible speed and who can make their body turn to steel. Will our heroes find a way to defeat the CP9 villains and make it to Robin in time? 
What about Luffy? Oh, yeah. 
Luffy has run off in a last ditch effort to make it to The Gates of Justice before Robin and her captors make it there. He’ll beat the bad guys, save Robin, and come back for his crew so they can set sail back on their adventure. Or, at least that’s what he thinks will happen. He doesn’t realize the ocean will stand in his way. Maybe an annoying child and her pet can help. 
Season Five, Voyage Three is an amazing story arc that uses a lot of flashbacks to explain some of our heroes’ motivations in-between amazing fights, hilarious trickery, and even more amazing fights. Plus you get the bonus features of: 
~Being Uncut & Unedited
~My Favorite Marathon Play
~ “On The Boat” Behind The Scenes
~Staff Commentary
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