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One Piece: Season Five, Voyage Two

One Piece

Season Five Voyage Two
On DVD: 
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
One Piece Season Five, Voyage Two is a season that I’d covered in the past but still find it a fun ride through the One Piece Universe where we discover a few back-story’s about our Straw Hat crew (namely Copper and Zoro) and get to know Robin a bit more.
In this chapter of the One Piece saga we find the Straw Hats enjoying a couple of relaxing first episodes. In one they only have to worry about collecting food and not causing the locals (an army of monkey’s) to get aggravated. It’s pretty much a Chopper and Robin episode. 
In the second episode Luffy pulls a salesman from the ocean while fishing. The salesman offers just about everything you could think of and tries to charge outrageous prices for them. Unfortunately he flips out when he realizes where he is and who he’s surrounded by and jumps ship, leaving all of his merchandise behind.  
We meet a few more interesting characters along the way but the collection doesn’t start to hit its arc (The Rainbow Mist Arc) until the few closing chapters. It’s here where, no doubt, Voyage Three will kick in the meat of the story. 
Included in the set is the awesome Marathon Feature which allows viewers to watch the show in its entirety and have the episodes pieces together without having to see the intro or end credits several times after each episode. You also get a behind the scenes featurette titled On The Boat, plus Staff Commentary. A bit of a rehash release but awesome all the same. 
AJ Garcia
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