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Open Air Stereo: Primates

Open Air Stereo release their debut album, Primates, an eleven song nod to rock that flirts with the fundamentals of pop sensibilities. The album spans a gamut of sound from the Maroon 5 like Stuck On You to their blistering hard rock closing of Your Way IS My Way.

Primates is a radio ready album that has great sounding vocals, coherent, if not a bit manufactured, lyrics, and capable musicianship that is reminiscent of the bands peers, but never really gives you the time to compare the bands sound before you’re tossed into the next track. Great guitar riffs, focused percussions, and a steady bass presence. Tying it all together is the vocals though.

Not really revolutionary, the vocals do have a presence on the album that never falter. Lead singer Chase Johnson (Laguna Beach) has a great voice that shows great range, incredible control, and style. Again, mind you the style is not revolutionary, sometimes reminding me of Incubus, Alice In Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc, but it certainly catches your ear and never lets up. Crisp, clean, and perfectly matched with the mood of each song.

Will Primates rock the rock world to it’s foundations? Chances aren’t that great, but the album will definitely make big waves and leave fans waiting for what comes next. Chances are the band will make a more household name for themselves through extensive touring on behalf of the album and either come back strong or suffer the dreaded sophomore slump. Either way this album generates enough interest that fans will at least be back for one more wave to find out. 

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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