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Parkington Sisters: Inside My Head

Inside My Head EP

(Parkington Sisters)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
I’ve spent the end of my day with The Parkington Sisters. Not literally, but I’ve been listening to nothing but their new EP Inside My Head. First in the car and then in the house. For me, it was an interesting journey to a final judgment call for myself. 
In My Head has an interesting variety of musical formats that always reminded me of something inspired, but also something beautifully crafted. Take for example, the first track off the EP is In My Head. It’s a very poppy track that is fit well for radio, but I had a bit of trouble digesting its formulaic construction, especially once I had made a full revolution of the album and realized this track doesn’t fit so well with the other songs on the album. 
September has a very nice guitar sound the likes of Johnny Flynn with a wonderful narrative story knitted in its construction. It’s just one of those foot stomping tunes that moves from a high tempo but minimalist introduction that opens up as the song moves on. The harmonies in this track are excellent examples of the solidarity within the group and the mix of classical and mountain hop style strings thrown in there give the song an epic feel. 
The Boat is a moody tune that had a Mazzy Star meets Grace Slick kind of vibe. It’s on this track that you realize who fantastic the production is on the album. Every strum of a guitar or a percussion strike rings true and open without cluttering up the soundboard. Once again, vocals, especially harmonies, stand out, especially in the chorus, which comes off hauntingly beautiful. 
Now That You’re Gone was a bit of a yawner for me. The piano was nicely done, but female singer/songwriter with a piano, being moody? Done to death. As a matter of fact, the following track, The Shadows, seemed like of the same ilk to me. 
There There, the album closer, was fantastic. Very energetic. Again production shines once again. I think it was the stand out track on the album. Those finally closing seconds….good lord. What a powerhouse group of vocalists. Absolutely amazing. 
While I didn’t fall in love with the entire EP I would most definitely suggest checking it out, as well as checking out their previous works. Good stuff. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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