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Perception: Alienation (Preview)



“Perception” is a show that revolves around Dr. Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack), who is a neuropsychiatric specialist that works closely with Special Agent Kate Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook) to solve cases for FBI. “Alienation” is the second episode in the second season for show. This episode is set to air on Tuesday, July 2nd at 10pm on TNT. However, Shakefire had the chance to watch and review the episode before the actual air date.

In this episode, Agent Moretti and Dr. Pierce are sent to investigate a case involving a woman, who thinks her husband isn’t the same person she married. This episode heavily involves aliens and abductions, but not everything is as clear cut as you may think. I was impressed with the other “Perception” episodes I have seen, but was a bit disappointed with some aspects of “Alienation.” The writing and dialogue is not as mature or creative as the past episodes I have seen. I also thought the episode was more predictable and focused more heavily on the pair’s personal lives than the actual case. It just felt like everything I loved about the other episodes were taken away in “Alientation.”

I still think this show has a lot of promise, but they need to not make the same mistakes that were made in this episode. The great writing and unpredictability is what made me like the show and hope they can get back to it for the later episodes of the show. I still like the show, but this episode is total skip. For those reasons, I am giving this episode of “Perception” a “D.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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