Post Grad

Post Grad

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Aug 21, 2009

Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel) has just graduated from College and, as planned, is looking to land her dream job at a publishing company and get her life started. To bad life doesn’t always pan out the way you hope. Seemingly unemployable, blind to love, and trapped living with her weird family Ryden has to get it together and figure out what to do when life throws you a curveball.

Number one Alexis Bledel cannot act. She can’t emote, her dialogue sounds read, and no matter what you do she always looks like a child playing dress up in a grown up world (okay that last one isn’t really a skill fault but still). So if your lead isn’t great its probably going to be important that you surround her with a great cast and a well written script. Check this one off under the negative column as well. Does the film want to be a love story, a coming of age story, a story about family? What? There is just so much going on and the character of Ryden Malby is such a screw up and a jerk that there is no room for redemption, investment, point. The only real saving grace, and not by much is Michael Keaton and to a lesser degree the great Carol Burnette. Weather or not things pan out for her character you simply dislike her and her stupid decisions. What makes things worse is her best friend Adam Davies (played by Zach Gilford) is her proverbial Ducky; the poor best friend whose in love with her but is shunned completely. Gilford played his part so well your just charmed and invested in his plight and it only makes you hate Ryden even more. Probably not what writer Kelly Fremon had in mind. In the end though the film is too annoying, try’s to hard to be cute, and sets up plot points that become moot by the films end. For me, this is a definite rental (if I didn’t know better) or a rainy day, can’t find anything better, its on TV kind of film.

AJ Garcia
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