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Prison Break: Season 4

Prison Break

On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Before it was cancelled, Prison Break was allowed to finish up their fourth and last season. This allowed them to wrap up all loose ends and tie everything together for one massive season finale. Last time I remember watching the show was in its first season in which they were actually doing what the title says; breaking in and out of prison. How it lasted this long under the same name is beyond me. After watching season 4, I think it should have been re-titled to something along the lines of the next 24 because that’s basically what it was.

Michael Scofield is the exact same as Jack Bauer; running around, shooting bad guys, surviving explosions, the whole shebang. This season he must keep highly advanced weapons technology, Scylla, away from pretty much everyone around him. He has a close group of friends, including his brother and FBI agent Alex Mahone. There are surprises around every corner and you’ll wonder just how things are going to end up in a situation that has gone from bad to worse.
For being the series finale, the crew was able to wrap up everything quite nicely. There’s a brief ‘4 years later’ segment at the end that shows where everyone is, both the good and the bad. Personally, I’m satisfied with how things ended up as I don’t think the show could have lasted for another season. I’m actually surprised it was able to make it this far.
The bonus features mainly focus on the finale and how it was their last episode together and all the little details from behind the scenes; nothing to interesting to the average audience. If you’re a hardcore Prison Break fan then you should definitely complete your collection with season 4. If action and suspense is what you’re looking for then might I suggest 24 as they are practically the same thing.
Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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