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Psych: The Complete Seventh Season


On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Since Psych came on the scene its been one of my favorite shows. Like Scrubs, Psych uses a lot of pop culture references, even spends a lot of time paying homage to the past by including stars like Cary Elwis, Ally Sheedy, and Cybill Shepherd. The show hits on a universal who’s who and what’s what of films, music, and events from the childhoods of kids from the 80’s and up that it just feels like you’re about to hang out with friends you’ve known for a long time. So how did Season 7 fare?

Psych season 7 had me a little worried at times. Though the pop culture references were aplenty I have this thing about shows that introduce a love story between characters. Not only does Shawn and Juliet carry on with their relationship, we find Gus now attached to, what he thinks, is the love of his life (with one small issue).

Fortunately Psych did it right with the love story arc between both Spencer and Gus by keeping it lax. One of the reasons I stopped watching Scrubs was that every episode seemed to be a will they or wont they affair between the characters. Psych Season 7 almost goes there when Shawn’s secret is out of the bag for a couple of episodes, on flimsy terms, and were forced to sit through a couple of episodes of relationship turmoil. Fortunately it doesn’t last long and the awkwardness of these two episodes only lasts a bit longer afterwards.

Aside from that Season 7 had some really fun episodes, including a CLUE homage that featured CLUE stars like a completely disheveled Martin Mull, Christopher Lloyd, and Lesley Ann Warren. This episode comes with an alternate ending in the bonus features just like the CLUE DVD.

Another riotous episode is Lassie Jerky in which Gus and Shawn head into the woods to help a couple of amateur filmmakers shoot a documentary about Bigfoot and find more then they bargained for. The episode stars WWE superstar Paul “Big Show” Wight. This episode went in directions I don’t think anyone would have suspected, even paying homage to The Blair Witch Project.

Season 7 was fantastic as the show, with the exception of the two Juliet and Shawn relationship troubles episodes, just takes ideas and runs with them. It will be interesting to see how the show works in season 8 with the inclusion of Michael Anthony Hall’s oddball extreme character. Hopefully it works out and the show continues to be quality. Until then Season 7 on DVD is a win/win.

AJ Garcia
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