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Psycho-Pass: Part Two

Psycho-Pass: Part Two

On Blu-Ray: 
Friday, April 11, 2014
Nothing much has changed as far as the Blu-Ray quality is concerned from Psycho-Pass Part One to this follow up release. The series has a lot of soft picture with a few scenes featuring technical issues such as aliasing and periodic points of underlying static, but you do have to keep in mind that a lot of the flaws are a result of the anime’s stylistic approach. The best your going to get is when the series displays close up shots or is brightly lit. 
As far as the story is concerned, Psycho-Pass continues to be a series that is simply mind blowingly amazing, though I did get a Demolition Man vibe from time to time. Still, the idea behind the film, that a computer system that can read your intentions has become the greatest filter for peace that the world has ever known, is a well designed precursor for so many other issues stemming from that one main plot that the infinite themes branching out keep you in suspense from the get go till the finale.  
Some great points throughout the series that make it so accessible is that the hero is an underdog, the villain an agreeable one in the fact that he’s forced into his role by the authoritarian Sibyl System, and the roles their playing are both unsanctioned by the authoritarian rule of the Psycho-Pass world. Depending on how deep you’re willing to look into this clever socio-political anime series, the more you’re going to get from it, especially if you have a lot of life experience. 
Again, the bonus features are pretty slim. You get the usual; Commentaries,  trailers, textless songs, and Psycho-Pass at Sakura-Con Part 2. 
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