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Ray Goran: LA Sessions

LA Sessions

(Ray Goran)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 24, 2014

There's a saying of marching to your own beat or tune and for the young teenager Ray Goren, he really does march to his own beat. This young musician is called amazing, exceptional, and other very high praised terms and when you actually listen to his music it's hard to disagree with it. Only 14 years old and he's already been touring around the United States playing the guitar like some of the great guitar legends of music. Not only does Ray Goren play the guitar with skills but he also has the skill to play the keyboards, do vocals, and even write the songs on his new EP LA Sessions.
Seeing the cover to the CD you can tell instantly that Ray Goren is young, I mean young, and I did the worst thing you can ever do when you don't know about the contents, I judged the cover. My assumption was that this was going to be music from a kid singing some sappy pop song about woeing and taking out girls or how a girl broke his heart, you know the normal teeny pop junk. I was so far wrong that I couldn't be any wronger if I had said I could fly like Superman because the music being played on these 5 tracks are not pop, they are not sappy, and have no teeny bop junk in them at all. This is a blues/jazz EP with songs that will make you feel the music more than anything else. Even though Ray Goren is young and his vocals has a young quality to the tone he can actually sing quite well. His voice is strong, there's a hint of some deepness to his voice that might fully come as he gets older but he really does sing a well song.
I didn't know about this kid before now but I can hear why people are saying he is as good as he is, that's because he is. His talent on the guitar is amazing, especially when you consider that he is only 14 but when you do consider that and you hear his music, you forget that he is. These songs are good, they have catchy lyrics to them that make you want to sing along with them the first time you hear them, even though you might not know the lyrics they are easy to learn, and the beats are well played. By far it's the guitar work that's the best on these songs but the rest of the instruments are not that shabby either. Each element of the songs play well with each other, there's a good R&B beat as well as jazz, blues, and even some rock being put into these songs to give them their groovy sound and fun tempos. Right now Ray GOren has the best of both worlds working for him when it comes to his talent and his age. Because he is young he has infused his songs with a youthful zest and energy while also having the talent and skill to play them where they sound good where it sounds as if it's by someone that's been doing it for 30 years. It's easy to hear the history being played in his songs where he wants to have the sounds of the past greats but he also is adding in his own unique sound in his music as well as that youthful energy. Ray Goren is a great musician and as he continues to play he will become one of the greats.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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