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Red Widow: Ep. 102 - The Contact (PREVIEW)

Red Widow

Red Widow: The Contact
Regular Air Date: 
Sundays @ 9/8C
Air Date: 
Sunday, March 3, 2013

Red Widow was a show that kind of blindsided me. I went in expecting it to be some rehashed plot that we’ve seen before and went away anticipating the next episode in the series. That’s saying something since I hardly watch television at all. 

So in the last episode, if you don’t feel like doing a quick search for my previous review of the show, housewife Martha (Radha Mitchell) and her family suffer a blow when her husband is shot and killed, possibly by being guilty by association in a drug theft. The drugs in questions belong to a drug lord who wants his product back. Unfortunately its gone missing, and now he’s laid it down on Martha that her husband’s debt is now her own. There is one thing she can do to settle the debt, use her husband’s port contacts to help him run his business, just the once. 
In the second episode of the series we find Martha and her family coming to terms with the death of her husband. Their youngest is traumatized, having seen his father gunned down before him. Their daughter is questioning weather or not it was an actual random act of violence or was her father involved in some crime. Meanwhile their eldest child may be tipping into the underworld side of the family himself. All the while Martha is waiting for the phone call that will finally relieve her of the debt that weighs so heavy on her shoulders. 
As you would come to expect, things evolve a bit more. It’s a sink or swim scenario for Martha as she’s forced to work with her brother, who she thinks may have been responsible for her husbands shooting, to help re-establish the contacts they used to use before her husbands death. Unfortunately those old contacts are demanding more now that the stakes have been raised. Can they find new contacts in time to set up the delivery situation? 
Meanwhile Martha’s father has sent his personal bodyguard, Luther (Luke Goss), to watch over the family. His presence is somewhat unwanted by Martha, but Luther soon integrates himself into the family, posing as a temporary father figure, maybe more. Time will tell. 
I really enjoyed the pilot and the second episode in the series didn’t let me down. Great character development by some, a subtle story development, and Goran Visnjic’s Schiller (the drug lord) certainly makes it’s presence known, albeit through the usual villainous channels. Still, can’t wait for episode 3. Be sure to tune in and check it out. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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