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Reflections: Exi(s)t



Reflections is a metal band that was formed in Twin Cities, Minnesota. Each of the band members knew each other pretty well, from either school or were family, and decided to form Reflections. Their second studio album, “Exi(s)t” was released on October 22nd. They are currently on tour promoting their album and expanding their fan base.
The instrumentals on this album were hard hitting and properly showcased their talents. The songs are all fast-paced and full of energy, but lacked some elements. For instance, the vocals were inaudible and felt like a lot of yelling. I wanted to feel the emotions or try to figure out the meanings of the songs, but I never understood what was being said. Maybe I don’t understand metal music, but wanted to see where these guys were coming from or the direction they were going. The whole album was full of great instrumentals and lots of yelling.
If they cut out the “vocals” or at least made them easier to understand, I would have enjoyed “Exi(s)t” so much more. There was a lot of good drum and guitar play on the album, but that’s as far as my appeal for this album went. If you like metal music, this might be the album for you, but I am not really sure what I heard throughout the 10 songs that felt like one long shouting match. For those reasons, I am giving this album a “D-.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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