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Regular Show: Season 3

Regular Show

Season 3
On DVD: 
Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Regular Show is one of those cartoons that you either love or you hate. There really is no middle ground. Its wacky and obscure sense of humor isn’t for everyone, but when it’s funny it’s downright hilarious.

Season 3 features 40 rapid-fire episodes that bring out the best in Rigby and Mordecai as they get caught up in some extreme table hockey, a blonde haired cult, and long video gaming sessions. Essentially, it’s nothing new for the two best friends. The season is much of the same type of humor from past seasons so you should know by now whether or not you’re a fan. There’s nothing drastically new or exciting to discuss. Series crator J.G. Quintel has found his niche and is sticking with what works. There’s no reason to mess that up.

In addition to the 40 11-minute episodes, the DVD also contains Commentaries, “Four Things You Didn’t Know About J.G.”, “J.G. Answers Why”, and a live episode reading. It’s the basic special features you’d come to expect from an animated show.

The Regular Show: Season 3 DVD is geared directly towards fans of the show who know exactly what they’re getting into; nothing more, nothing less. Newcomers might want to “test the water” sort to speak and watch an episode or two before committing to purchasing an entire season. If you do enjoy it, though, you’re in for quite a treat.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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