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Rickity: Greatest Hits Volume 1

Tracking down information on the band Rickity takes more sleuthing than I apparently am capable of, and their own website is lacking on concrete material. But unless I'm mistake, they've titled their debut album Greatest Hits Volume 1. That takes a certain kinds of bravado.

I don't really find a problem with that. I mean, most bands spend a decade putting together their first album that it probably is their greatest hits. It's always that second album they slap together in a year that is usually rough. But while this might be Rickity's Greatest Hits, they aren't exactly "Hits".

Rickity's sound is that of a good bar band. I imagine they do some mean covers and they probably know how to work the audience. But as a CD, the songs are fairly generic rock.

The only track I found that had a hook hooky enough to get it wedged in my head is right smack dab in the middle, track 5 of 9, entitled "Doin' It for Cash". There are a lot of reasons for getting involved with someone, and the subject of the song has done quite a few, but this time she's doing it for cash.

Despite not being knocked out by Rickity, the album made for a nice distraction, 40 minutes, like a decent set from a band down at the local.

Review by Jason Pace
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