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Wicked Blood
Sean Wayland: Barrenjoey


(Sean Wayland)
Release Date: 
Monday, November 11, 2013

Po-azz-unk, that's what kind of music you are going to hear when listening to the album Barrenjoey by Sean Wayland. Jazz is the core of the music that is being played by Sean Wayland but he also incorporates pop and some funk into the songs. With the added combination of these styles you get the poazzunk that has an enticing sound and some fun groovy beats. Barrenjoey is the 23rd album to be released by Sean Wayland and speaks volumes about the talent that Sean Wayland has to be able to have 23 albums. Though if you want something that really speaks volumes, that would be the fun, groovy music that's being played on Barrenjoey.

Jazz is the kind of music that I really have to be in the right mood for and it usually only happens when everything going on for that day falls together just right where I end up wanted to just fall into the sounds of the songs. Barrenjoey has that ability in the songs but there's also the lyrics that kind of bring me out of that tunnelhearing that I get when listening to jazz. The music being played on this album is some decent and well played jazz music with the mixture of pop and some funk to it. I really was liking the bass that gets pumped out on some of the songs but it's the drums that take center stage on this album. Though there are more than just the bass and drums being played in this album. There's horns and keyboards being used with some very nice effect on the songs.

While listening to the songs I got that the songs are a personal adventure being told by Sean Wayland. This have given the the songs an emotional side to them that just builds on the instrumentals. This is a smooth album that has a good sound to it. At times I found that the vocals were a little too low in the volume compared to the instruments but not so low that I couldn't hear them. This was the only negative I had with this album, having some of the vocals a little hard to hear as the songs played. Though it's not that the vocals are bad, just that the recording levels where a little too low. The vocals where smooth and strong that when they played I was able to come out of my music trance to listen to what was being sung. Barrenjoey is a good jazz album with some nice rock and funk flavoring mixed in it.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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