Spiders & Snakes: Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake

(Spiders & Snakes)
Release Date: 
Friday, October 24, 2014

Like life, popularity for a band can be odd and unexpected. Some can be the one hit wonders that millions of people will know about for many years or maybe their whole lives. While on the flip side, there can be some bands that have put out album after album and never get the same kind of attention as those one hit wonders. Then there are the ones that are also the cult favorites that in the right circles are just as popular and liked as some mega bands. I don't know if the last is the case for the band Spiders & Snakes, but I can tell you that with 9 albums (some that include DVD's) and 2 EP's, this band has been working hard at getting out their songs.
Being the first time that I have heard of the band I wasn't quite sure what to expect from them. I did form some semblance of a expectation when I saw the name of the band, the name of the album, which is "Year of the Snake", and the album artwork. That expectation was that I would be listening to some hard rock, metal, heavy metal, or some variation of metal to be played but what I got instead was rock music. To be more precise, rock music that is consider glam rock and has a more British sound to it than an American rock band. Not expecting this style of music threw me off for a minute but once I knew what I was going to be listening to I was set to hear some upbeat glam rock songs.
While I liked that the band can play some fun beats with the instrumentals, it was the vocals that I didn't like as much. They are fine at times, but with the pitch being more high and not as fast paced the songs just didn't quite get me in the mood to sing along with them. There was one song that the vocals just didn't quite match the pacing of the instruments, it's not bad nor are they off that much, but it's enough that it is there to hear. Aside from that, the band does play the beats of the glam rock well and have a nice assortment of sounds and genres being put to use in this album. Sometimes the lyrics got a little repetitive for my taste and I would have liked the song more if they had cut out one or two times of repeating the same line. It's really this repetition that hurts the album the most for me because it's either misplaced where they repeat or it's just too much. Still, if you like some glam rock with hints of British sounds being put in them, well then Spiders & Snakes new album "Year of the Snake" is for you.

Lee Roberts
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