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Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon opened a can of worms on The Real Monday by discussing Chris Brown’s on-again, off-again relationship with Karrueche Tran. After the episode, Brown lashed out at the two, and now Tran herself has weighed in. As we reported earlier today, Brown went on a lengthy, profanity-laced rant directed at Bailon, calling her a “trout moth a**b**ch.” He suggested that Bailon is no longer a star, adding, “U tried it. Won't u the same bitch that was f---ing wit married men?” The rant was accompanied by a photo of Bailon and also included some insults for Braxton. He called her a “muppet face ass.” While Brown later deleted his post, he posted another all-text Instagram message, saving Tran’s response to the rant. “She a lot nicer than me,” Brown wrote in a caption. “Unlike most of you…I could care less about the opinions of others..Drama doesn't amuse me—so yes @TamarBraxton I do have a voice, just not like yours..However my bf I can't speak for,” Tran wrote, notes E! News. “We all know he has no chill. Have you ever thought to yourself how it may feel being judged for everything you do and half the time people have no clue what is going on…If you can dish it, you gotta be able to take it.” Tran later said that she doesn’t care what haters think of her and quoted the Banks song “Drowning.” “Anyways—I'm not here for the drama. What do you gain from the names that you call me?” she concluded. Rob Kardashian, who famously dated Bailon, actually liked Tran’s original post on her own Instagram page. Brown has also posted another Instagram message, admitting that he may have gone a little overboard on Monday. However, he refused to apologize. “Somedays I'll be cool and then other days ima roast ya ass. So this isn't an apology for yesterday. Just a reflection,” the singer wrote. “People, live ya life, you'll mess around and go blind looking at me all the time. #teambreezyaintwitthebulls**t.” image courtesy of