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Stargate Universe: Season 2 (PREVIEW)

In the season one finale of Stargate Universe the Lucian Alliance has invaded Destiny and Colonel Young is at a stalemate with the Lucian Alliance Commander Kiva who has hostages that she is threatening to kill including the pregnant Tamara Johansen. The ship is caught in the path of pulsars, there are crewman trapped on the outside of the ship, and Colonel Young eventually finds himself and his men at the mercy of their enemy who plan to execute them. It was quite a mess and frankly a great couple of episodes (Incursion parts 1 & 2). With that being said, without a doubt the opening episode of season two could be nothing less then extraordinary right?

So the opening episode of season 2 (Intervention) is in fact as great as you would believe it to be, and honestly how could it not be coming off that fantastically busy two part season finale. Now my first experience with SGU was not that great. I walked right into the start of season 1.5 and was completely lost. The characters didn’t mean much to me, the scenario’s had no anxiousness about them, but going into season 2, even if I had skipped out on the two part season finally of season 1 is a perfect stand alone, not that it needs to be with both volumes of season 1 on Netflix Watch It Now. So as the episode begins I’m already wound up ready to find out how Young and his men get out of the predicament there in. While most shows offer up some lame dues ex machina to pull our heroes out of trouble the SGU writers manage to do such a fantastic job of avoiding an end to the scenario but reinventing it and taking it in an entirely new direction stretching things out but ultimately putting nothing more then a pause on things. It really had me anticipating the follow up episode Aftermath.

I was really disappointed in this follow up episode for several reasons. Like my experiences with SGU from earlier it just didn’t feel like it was capable of being an episode that you could just walk into and get comfy with or more so an episode that really made you want to see what happens next. After sitting through a total of five episodes (3 from season 1 and 2 from season 2) coming into this, the fourth consecutive episode, Aftermath just lost me. It seemed irrelevant to me, to create a quick scenario that was feebly attached to the complete arc of the second season opener without really creating any sort of flow aside from the cliff hanger ending which was so vague it was lost on me. In any case after seeing the two part season finale of season one and the opener for season two I know that the writing can be better, can offer up a solid flow of suspense and adrenaline pumping action so I’m not sure what Aftermath was trying to accomplish. Hopefully the rest of the season doesn’t mirror Aftermath. I am still getting a Battlestar feel from the show as well. Camera style, the overall feel of the show's storyline. Like last season fans will just have to follow and see what happens.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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