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Stornoway: You Don't Know Anything

You Don't Know Anything

Release Date: 
Monday, November 11, 2013
I’d come across Stornoway a couple of times on the BIRP monthly release, but with the collection being so massive I couldn’t remember if I liked them or not. That being said, when I received their new mini-album I only went in knowing that I was about to embark on an indie music adventure. 
Stornoway really impressed me with their sound. It’s a bit Shins like with a peppering of Sondre Lerche and that subtle background playfulness of Apples In Stereo. What impressed me most though was the way the lyrics avoided the usual radio airplay grab by being monotonous but instead grasped a wider concept.
The first track off the album, When You Touch Down From Outer Space, is like a cosmic love song about visitors to Earth who describe the season, sounds, and sights of the planet while ingesting human practices. Waiting On The Clock is a nostalgic look back at a remembered love story. A bit radio, but the track manages to stay away from the monotone pop feel that has plagued radio by focusing on both lyrics and music. 
The 6th Wave is a track that took me by surprise. It’s hard to put your finger on the feel of the song as it goes from oddly dark to playfully descriptive. The song manages to include both a diverse hook on the music as well as toss out intellectually compelling thoughts in a playful manner. 
Tumbling Bay is about as Shins as you can get with the track whimsically playing along with every instrument echoing on its own path while coming together to give vocals support on every turn.
Though the album is short at just 6 tracks (hence mini-album), it feels fully fleshed out with an interesting underlying concept about humanity without that doomsday approach. It’s a catchy album that I can see myself keeping around for a quick spin here or there. Well worth checking out. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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