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Super Fun Night

Super Fun Night

Regular Air Date: 
Wednesdays @ 9:30PM ET
Air Date: 
Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rebel Wilson and Conan O'Brien team up to bring you Super Fun Night! Which isn't exactly super, isn't always fun, but definitely has lots of stuff take place at night, so 1 out of 3. If this were baseball, that'd be a great batting average.

Unfortunately, this is TV and one thing I know for sure is that I don't know anything about how TV works. Shows I love that should run forever get canceled before the second episode airs and shows that I think shouldn't make it beyond a pilot run for 10 seasons.

Super Fun Night is about Kimmie Boubier, a woman who, along with her two best friends, hasn't gone out on a Friday night since their senior prom. Instead, they stay in and do things together on their Friday Fun Nights. But Kimmie, a lawyer, has recently gotten a promotion at work and now works with one of her idols as well as meets a coworker from the London office with whom she shares a love for a princess warrior statue that Kimmie has on her desk, and she wants to move into this new social circle. A good friend, however, she doesn't plan to leave her best friends behind.

In the pilot, after meeting her new British coworker, she is invited to drinks with most of the office to welcome him to the country. Shortly before this accidently tears her skirt and then staples it back together, as well as stapling herself. For the party, she gets a dress that doesn't come in her size, which leads to it's inevitable ripping. And her idol, who doesn't like her, conspires to keep her out of the party, which leads to jokes about awkward girls not getting into clubs. And the show opens with a scene of Kimmie recording a video for a guy she obviously is in love with from afar and has lines like "I was just looking at some of your photos [on Facebook] for two hours, printed some out. Who's that girl in the lime bikini, she looked really fun. There was one picture of you kneeling down, giving her a ring. Weird!" And it's as if this is something she does a lot.

Did that all sound like awkward humor where a person doesn't seem aware of themselves or their surroundings, being made fun of but not getting that they are being made fun of? Because that is how the entire half hour played to me. Sometimes it was funny, and sometimes is was just snicker worthy, but it always made me feel like a terrible human being. You definitely aren't laughing with Kimmie, you are laughing at Kimmie. Sure, it has some heart, and the British gentleman doesn't seem to mind that Kimmie is a little off, but that doesn't make the show better.

Maybe the show with alter it's tone, though I find that unlikely, but if it doesn't then I probably won't be watching. Of course, because I don't like it, it'll probably run for 10 seasons, so, congrats Rebel Wilson!

Review by Jason Pace
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