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The Avengers

The Avengers

In Theatres: 
May 04, 2012
Running Time: 
2 Hours, 23 Minutes

Since the release of Iron Man in 2008, Marvel Studios has been teasing us with hints of the Avengers Initiative. With Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) silently pulling the strings in the background and Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) as his right hand man, S.H.I.E.L.D. has always had a presence in some form or another in the films. Marvel’s The Avengers is the result of five films across four years that brings together Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk in a battle to save the world. Can the big screen successfully handle the power of all these superheroes or is it too much for one movie to handle?

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Earth’s mightiest heroes join forces to take on Loki and his army as they attempt to enslave the world and all of humanity. There’s the genius billionaire playboy Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), the All-American hero Captain America (Chris Evans), the demi-god of thunder Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and the uncontrollable Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) aka the Hulk. Each of them may embody the term ‘superhero’ in a different manner, but they all have something vital to contribute to the team. Writer and director Joss Whedon beautifully creates a thrilling and believable storyline in which these different superheroes team up. As I said earlier, it’s a story that has been four years in the making. All of the little cameos and references seen in the other films lend to the credibility that culminates with The Avengers.

The action starts right off the bad and it doesn’t let up until the credits begin to roll. There is constant conflict, whether it’s between Loki and his brother Thor or even between Bruce Banner and his inner Hulk. While the Avengers may look like the perfect, unstoppable team on paper, they are far from it. There’s plenty of bickering among so-called teammates. If you’d ever wondered who would win in a fight between Iron Man and Thor, then prepare to be dazzled. Not only is The Avengers the ultimate fan service, it’s just a fantastic film in itself.

Whedon injects his usual style of humor into the film and it works quite well. Robert Downey Jr. is his typical arrogant self as Iron Man and seeing him clash with Captain America, the all around good guy of the film, makes perfect sense. All these superheroes have always been the center of attention in their respective films and seeing them together in one place is fantastic. Whedon does an excellent job of making sure that everyone gets their due and that every character is fully developed. You also get a sense of just how big the Marvel Universe truly is.

While too much of a good thing may be bad for you, it is definitely not the case when it comes to superheroes. The Avengers is everything you could want it to be and more. Marvel Studios has assembled some of Hollywood’s greatest talent and has produced one of its finest films yet. Whether you love a good action movie or a good story, The Avengers is a must-see.

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Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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