The Carbonaro Effect (PREVIEW)

The Carbonaro Effect

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Thursdays@ 10 ET/PT
Air Date: 
Thursday, October 30, 2014
New episodes of The Carbonaro Effect begin Thursday, October 30th, but TruTV has sent a best of season one show that features best of clips from that season to introduce the show. 
I usually like to do a little research before hand on my list of deadlines and ended up watching a clip from this show on youtube in which Carbonaro surprises a woman in a waiting room by finishing his soda and then calling in to a special number that offer refills on said soda (in an aluminum can). That was pretty cool, but I wondered how the other three clips would hold up. 
In the first clip Carbonaro brings a duck decoy to life and fools a collection of thrift store shoppers. I was a bit skeptical with how gullible the crowd was and am still skeptical about television magic shows, but moved on.
The next clip has Carbonaro locking himself in a trunk and surprising an on-looker with his ability to unexpectedly escape. Again, very skeptical about television magic shows as there’s so much to consider such as camera angles cuts and re-edits. You just kind of have to go with it. If the trick is perfectly executed and leaves little room for disbelief, cool. I can see how this show, for someone like me, will be hit and miss. However, these clips and the one I caught on-line were pretty entertaining. I’d watch more. 
AJ Garcia
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