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The Greatest

The Greatest

On DVD: 
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Running Time: 
100 minutes

"The Greatest." What to say? A wonderful family drama that brings together a broken family by a death and a birth. There isn't much more than that. Perfect acting and a storyline to break anyone's heart. Even mine.

  • Aaron Johnson ("Kick Ass") is Bennett, the eldest boy who dies in a car crash after spending the most perfect day of his life with the girl of his dreams.
  • Carey Mulligan, ("An Education"), Rose, the girl of Bennett's dreams and the mother of his unborn child.
  • Pierce Brosnan, Allen, Bennett's father and rock of the family.
  • Susan Sarandon, Grace, Bennett's mother and heart of the family.
  • Johnny Simmons, Ryan, Bennett's less-understood/paid attention to brother

Shana Feste, director, brings out every emotion you might ever think about experiencing during grief. She made me cry. She's also brought out the most amazing performances of all these talented actors.

The soundtrack couldn't be more touching and delicate.

Perfect movie.

Review by Jennifer Isbell