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The Green Children: Connection


(The Green Children)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bands that make a difference, that could be a title for the group The Green Children. This European duo are not ones out to make music just for themselves or at least it don't seem that way from the information I've found about them. Lead vocalist Milla Sunde and band member Marlow Bevan have established The Green Children Foundation to support microcredit, education, and healthcare, something that's usually done by bands after that become big and seem to do it for the publicity it brings. Not that I know these two or what motivates them but I got to say I was impressed when learning that.

As for my feelings for their new album "Connection" that has just came out, well I'm not quite as impressed with it as I was with their giving nature. Connection is a atmospheric album where the songs are structured simple and have a whole lot of Milla's voice. At times I thought the vocals where being pushed to much in the songs. Milla Sunde has a good voice, nice, smooth, and feminine but the drawn out notes she holds just got to be too much for me. It's in almost every song, which only made me want to hear something else being done. She is good,she sounds good, but it's just too much of it. I know the songs are supposed to be this way, it's because of her vocals that make the songs atmospheric and somewhat organic but I just wanted to have some change being done in the songs.

For the instruments, there's not much of them to be spoken of. There's not much being used when it does regard the instruments but this is also what I liked the most about the songs. They are subtle, underplayed, and unimposing. Now those terms normally wouldn't be that great for a song because it would mean I wasn't paying attention to them but in this case the songs use the subtlety to their advantage. They are played well, they sound good, and the songs, aside from the moments that I would like the vocals to change up some, I enjoyed listening to the songs. They might not have that much energy or power in them but they are strong songs.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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