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The House of Eliott - Complete Collection

The House of Eliott

On DVD: 
Saturday, November 30, 2013
The House Of Eliott was a show that premiered back in the early 90’s and starred Stella Gonet (Outnumbered) and Louise Lombard (Hidalgo) as two destitute sisters who have been left to pay on their deceased fathers debt. The estate in which the sisters have inherited, run by their crooked Uncle, has a small fortune waiting for them, but they can’t get their hands on it. Eventually they decide to open a haute couture shop titled The House Of Eliott since both of them have a passion for creating fashion. 
The series is your usual soap opera type English show that revolves around the class wars back in the early ages of the empire and features a lot of dramatic love story’s and historical relevance about England as well as the struggle of women in an all male rule making society. 
When I discovered that I was watching an English drama and not a detective show, which I have grown accustomed to from the English, I was bit unwilling. Fashion? Love? Fortunately it grew on me due to the great performances in the show and of course the beautiful locations, sets, clothing, etc. The English really do have a grasp on their past and work hard to keep it alive and relevant. 
The set comes with all three seasons of the show, the show having been cancelled in it’s third season. That was a bit disappointing to not really have an ending to the series. Hopefully, in this age of reboots and remakes, we can at least get a close out mini-series or film. That would be nice. 
All in all though the set seems to offer up the show to you as you would have seen it back in the nineties. Acorn doesn’t really go all out with remastering picture or sound so you get the bare minimum as it was then. 
Bonus features include recently added subtitles, an interview with Louise Lombard, production notes, 1020’s fashion background, photo gallery, and a 4 page booklet featuring an exclusive interview with series co-creator Jean Marsh (Upstairs, Downstairs).
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