The Incredible Dr. Pol

The Incredible Dr. Pol

Regular Air Date: 
Saturdays @ 9PM ET
Air Date: 
Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nat Geo Wild is giving us another season of The Incredible Dr. Pol beginning August 23rd. And you should watch it, especially if you like watching horses get gelded.

Basically The Incredible Dr. Pol is a show about a veteranarian who treats animals for stuff, and the show films it, so you can see it. Watch the thrilling excitement as he diagnoses an infected foot on a horse, carves out part of its hoof with a knife and then packs it with medicine and gause. Watch with a touch of horror as he gelds a horse with a knife and cutting through the "root" makes a sickening crunching sound.

Like all of the shows on Nat Geo Wild, The Incredible Dr. Pol is well made and very interesting, if you are interested in the topic that is. I'm not particularly interested, so mostly it just grossed me out a little. It's like those surgery show. I think it is amazing that we as humans have figured this stuff out, and I respect that people do the work, but I don't need to watch it on TV. But you might. So if you think you might, you should check it out.

Review by Jason Pace
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