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The Paradise: Original Television Soundtrack

The Paradise: Original Television Soundtrack

Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Winner of the "Best Original Composition in TV Soundtracks" at the 2013 International Music and Sound Awards, The Paradise: Original Television Soundtrack with music by Maurizio Malagnini was recently released via Silva Screen Records.  The highly regarded BBC Concert Orchestra provides the emotional and poetic instrumentals used in the BBC/Masterpiece production that fans of the series will certainly enjoy and lovers of orchestral music will want to check out as well.

Adapted from an Emile Zola novel, The Paradise originally aired on BBC in the United Kingdom before being broadcast in America on PBS' Masterpiece.  The series takes place in 1875 and revolves around the lives of people who interact in the first English department store.  Apparently these programs must be some sort of nostalgic fad as another program based on Selfridges aired within the past year.  Composer Maurizio Malagnini conducts for the soundtrack and draws from his passion of Italian Opera in addition to his experience providing scores for animated works like Psicovip and Muddle Earth.

Like the majority of orchestral soundtracks for television, the album consists of 29 tracks most of which don't even run two minutes in length.  The individual pieces range from romantic tunes ("The Final Kiss") to darker compositions ("Lord Glendenning Owns Everything").  My personal favorite is "The Portrait" which perfectly fits in with the upscale visuals the program is known for.  Fans of the series will probably love the opportunity to listen to the sweeping instrumentals and be transported back to an earlier period in history.  Recommended for The Paradise viewers and fans of classic orchestral music.   

Cody Endres
Review by Cody Endres
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