The Peanuts Movie

The Peanuts Movie

In Theatres: 
Nov 06, 2015
Running Time: 
93 minutes

It’s been nearly 35 years since Charlie Brown and the gang last graced the big screen. Society has changed a lot since then, but for the most part Peanuts and its themes have remained timeless. Charlie Brown will always be a good man, forever bent on kicking that football. Now an entire new generation of kids will get to see him try.


The Peanuts Movie tells a classic Charlie Brown story. Charlie Brown (Noah Schnapp) is constantly making a fool of himself around the other kids in his class, but with the arrival of a new girl in school (Francesca Capaldi) he has the opportunity to make a new first impression on her. As much as he tries, however, things never seem to go exactly the way he wants for good ol Charlie Brown. Audiences are also treated to a classic Snoopy side-story as he attempts to rescue his lady Fifi from his arch-nemesis, the Red Baron. It’s the perfect Peanuts story that represents the heart of the franchise.


There’s something for everyone to love in The Peanuts Movie. Older generations who grew up reading the comic strip will be delighted that these characters and the world they live in remains unchanged. It’s all very familiar, and there are plenty of throwbacks to classic Peanuts panels and gags. New generations, meanwhile, will be delighted to learn about these characters for the first time.


One new aspect everyone can enjoy is the updated animation style, which is a blend between computer and hand-drawn animations. I was weary at first, but quickly grew to liking the new look. The characters look fantastic in 3D, but still retain much of the classic appeal through their animations and emotions thanks to the use of stress lines throughout. The new and the old are blended together to create something excellent.


The Peanuts Movie is a great, family-friendly film that works on all levels. It’s charming and simple and doesn’t try to change the Peanuts formula, which has proven to work for the past 65 years.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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