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The Pete Holmes Show (PREVIEW)

The Pete Holmes Show

Regular Air Date: 
Weeknights @ 12/11c
Guest List

Guests already announced for the first week of the show include Chelsea Peretti (Brooklyn Nine Nine) and Kumail Nanjiani (The Indoor Kids podcast).

You might not recognize the name, but if you're a fan of comedy you've probably seen or heard Pete Holmes in some fashion.  Already a stand-up veteran at the age of 34, Holmes was a regular on the original incarnation of Best Week Ever and, more recently, is the voice of the E-trade baby in commercials.  Now with the upcoming debut of The Pete Holmes Show this comic is finally on the verge of well-deserved success.

Set to air weeknights on TBS following Conan, The Pete Holmes Show will be a half-hour sketch/talk show.  Being that talk shows are not taped weeks in advance, my screener for the program consisted of several samples of segments that might make their way onto the airwaves.  Fans of Holmes will be familiar with his Batman imitation, but with the recent "Batdad" videos going viral the past couple months the impression already seems dated.  Another segment featured bloopers from Skyfall with Holmes playing James Bond who becomes further inebriated with every take.  Although naturally funny, Holmes just doesn't seem like a comic who can be relied upon to carry sketches.  I'm worried first-time viewers completely unfamiliar with Holmes will be underwhelmed.

That feeling aside, Holmes will certainly deliver on the talk-show aspect of his program.  For the past year and a half, Holmes has been hosting the popular podcast You Made It Weird on Nerdist.  Capable of conducting thoughtful candid interviews, he could easily become the talk-show landscape's best interviewer if given the chance.  Holmes has that "everyman" quality mixed with a general dorkiness that viewers will find endearing.  Viewers of Conan and anyone with a genuine interest in stand-up comedy should love The Pete Holmes Show.

Be sure to catch The Pete Holmes Show when it premieres October 28th @ 12/11c!

Cody Endres
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